Presentations 2015

Learning through Imagination and Play
Adrian Camm, The Geelong College

Adrian CammAdrian Camm is an educator and speaker who explores the intersection of culture, learning and design. Currently Head of Teaching & Learning at The Geelong College, Adrian has previously held the role of Curriculum Innovation at Quantum Victoria, a Centre of Excellence & Innovation in Science & Mathematics. At Quantum Victoria he developed and led innovative programs utilising the latest technologies and research in the area of STEM education. As a vocal advocate of experiential & project-based learning, Adrian has had the chance to present his innovation for the future of learning to leading innovators & thinkers in business & industry including Dr. Edward de Bono, Daniel Dennett and one of USA’s top ten entrepreneurs and inventors Raymond Kurzweil. Adrian writes at

The Power of Opting In
Stephen Collis, Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning

Steve CollisSteve Collis is Director of Innovation at Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL), an innovation incubator embedded in Northern Beaches Christian School in Sydney (NBCS). Through SCIL Steve works with educators to explore post-industrial educational structures that put relationship, curiosity and agency at the heart of learning. He has been awarded for “Excellence by a Teacher” in the National Quality Schools program, and Microsoft “Innovative Teacher of the Year”. Catch Steve on Twitter at @steve_collis or at his blog:

MinecraftEdu – A Game to Change Education
Stephen Elford, Numurkah Secondary College

stephenelfordStephen is a Math/Science teacher of 10 years, he currently teaches at Numurkah Secondary College and has spent 3 years integrating the game Minecraft into his classes, Math and Science. He enjoys bringing the latest technology into his classrooms, from games to 3D printing to engage students in a different kind of learning. He is a major supporter of the online community of teachers trying to bring MinecraftEdu into their classes, from moderating the Minecraft Teachers’ Google Group, to managing the MinecraftEdu teacher server, providing recorded lessons and standalone tutorials on YouTube, sharing his journey, warts and all, on his blog and regularly providing technical support in the MinecraftEdu chat room. He has also co-authored a book with teachers from around the world titled “Minecraft in the Classroom”.

Creating projects to enhance engagement
Jackie Haines, Winters Flat Primary School

photoJackie Haines is an engaged educator whose career has largely involved working in disadvantaged schools. She has a passion for curriculum development, inter-school collaboration and finding ‘fun’ in education. Jackie has worked in Sydney, the Northern Territory and Victoria and she currently holds the position of Curriculum Leader at Winters Flat Primary School in Castlemaine. Jackie is active in developing her leadership capacity. She was Directorate Fellow of the Preparation for School Leadership program in Darwin and most recently presented at the 2014 Australian Council for Educational Leaders Conference.

Paper planes: personalising learning through technology
Richelle Hollis, Crusoe College

RichelleRichelle is the Assistant Principal at Crusoe College. Her key area of responsibility is to manage the Learning and Teaching Program across the college.  Richelle is passionate about eLearning and the effective use of ICT as a learning tool in the classroom.  Throughout her career has been involved in many Department of Education and Training initiatives such as the Navigator Schools Consortium, Creating eLearning Leaders, Innovative Language Provision in Clusters the Catalyst Program (eLearning), and more recently the internationally recognised New Pedagogies for Deep Learning program. Richelle has extensive experience as an eLearning Coach and as a presenter of Professional Learning at a local, national and international level and has presented at international conferences in New Zealand and Spain on eLearning and Thinking Strategies. Her areas of expertise include Learning and Teaching, eLearning and using de Bono’s Direct Attention Thinking Tools.

The ‘we’ to succeed
Leanne Lamb and Anmol Sandhu, Ormiston Senior College, Auckland, NZ

Profile picLeanne has worked in NSW, Victoria and New Zealand. She has leadership experience curriculum areas, e-learning, personalised learning, and innovation projects in schools for the past decade.  Most recently, she has been a Senior Leader at a purpose built and innovative secondary college Ormiston Senior College in Auckland. Her professional passions are centred upon building the culture where communities have shared ownership, responsibility and accountability for student outcomes – a collectividual approach.

AnmolI am Anmol Sandhu, a year 13 student currently completing NCEA level 3 at Ormiston Senior College. Attending this future education orientated school for just over two years, I have learnt the importance of innovation in education and how it can be a game changer if approached with the correct mind-set.  I am passionate about education and finding new ways to make learning and school ‘fun’ for myself and my peers. I am an enthusiastic learner and have a vision for achieving excellence. Having worked with Australian territory organisation Robogals and having attended science camps at various universities around New Zealand, I have come to the realisation that it is vital to take risks and challenge yourself in order to grow as a learner and achieve your personal best.

Effective Differentiation: Where a growth mindset meets the ZPD
Jodie Parsons and Yvonne Reilly, Sunshine College

photoOriginally a Scottish research scientist, Yvonne started work as a teacher of mathematics and science at Sunshine College in 2007. It was here that she and fellow teacher Jodie Parsons started to develop and trial various ways to improve student outcomes in mathematics. They experimented with a variety of curriculum styles and listened to the advice (but didn’t often take it) from teachers wide and far, crediting most of their professional learning to the students themselves. At Sunshine College they revolutionised the mathematics curriculum by doing away with the text books and developing lessons which were fully inclusive and differentiated. Visitors to the college, to see the program in action, are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the program and the commitment of the staff to keep the programing running. A typical maths class at Sunshine College is anything but typical. The success of the program has led them to be featured on Channel 7 and in newspapers in the UK and Australia. Jodie Parsons 3Both Yvonne and Jodie have co‐authored several papers and have presented at many conferences in Australia and around the world, most notably conferences in the US and New Zealand, and recently picked up an award at the ACER Excellence in Professional Practice Conference for outstanding conference presentation. Both have been a regular feature at MAV since 2009 and featured as Key Note presenters in 2014. In 2015 they will present at the IMA International Conference on Barriers and Enablers to Learning Maths: Enhancing Learning and Teaching for All Learners, held at the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland.

Brave New Teacher
Georgina Pazzi, Edumazing

georginapazziGeorgina is a renowned Specialist Education Consultant with over 30 years of rich experience in educational leadership including curriculum innovation, ICT, progressive pedagogies, assessment and reporting. She is also the founder and Chairperson of Star Learning Foundation, a charitable organisation that will enrich the lives of young people at greatest risk in communities throughout Australia. She has headed key government educational initiatives, developed successful learning, wellbeing and leadership programs, and consulted for the DEECD. Georgina is known internationally as an inspiring and passionate speaker, researcher, businesswoman, philanthropist, Learning Coach and strong advocate for educators, young people and parents to ensure life long learning success. Georgina was previously an Assistant Principal in a two campus P‐9 College and has worked in all sectors of education: Government, Independent, Catholic, Tertiary and Not‐For‐Profit in key leadership roles. Her passion for excellence in education has been recognised in state and national awards. Her presentations will inspire you with a wealth of knowledge, leaving you feeling empowered to make a real difference.

Open Badges. Because learning is learning wherever it happens.
Joyce Seitzinger, Academic Tribe

tedx3 047Joyce Seitzinger is an education technologist and learning designer with 15 years experience in corporate training and higher education around the world. She is the founder of Academic Tribe, a network of connected education specialists and learning designers that collaborate on innovative education projects. Their motto is: the network is more powerful than the node. Since January 2014 Joyce has co‐facilitated the Open Badges Australia and New Zealand (OBANZ) community, hosting community calls twice a month and conducting open badges workshops including for RMIT, ANU and the ACEC 2014 conference.

Master of Ceremonies
Scott Alterator, Bendigo

tedx 043I am a teacher. I am a parent. I love ideas. I am a citizen of a democracy. I am motivated to get it right for all kids. My PhD research is examining teacher responses to open plan learning environments. This provides me with insights on a variety of initiatives. I have been able to review literature specific to 21st century skills and the problems with Industrial era methods. Local schools have undergone a change to address a range of issues but the standout for me is the potential to produce students with a dynamic set of skills equipping them for the century ahead.